Nemat Inc. is a United States manufacturer of consumer products, providing domestic Contract Manufacturing, as well as Engineering and Management Consulting services.

Nemat, Inc. was established in September of 1994 in Aptos, California as an Engineering and Management Consulting firm.  The objective of the company was to provide “Design for Manufacturability” and “Lean Manufacturing” solutions to Top Fortune 500 companies to increase their profit margins. Read More

We develop, design, manufacture and market high quality and competitively priced consumer products which are Made in the USA.  This is achieved through our expertise in "Design for Manufacturibility" and "Lean Manufacturing"; as well as having a state of the art manufacturing facility with many capabilities. Continue to Main Page
We are a domestic supplier of high quality low cost CNC/Fabricated parts, castings, extrusions and assemblies to companies such as Parker Hannifin, Guardian Glass, Cardinal Glass, and Applied Materials Inc. We've been able to increase our business 30%-40% per year by implementing lean manufacturing, increasing quality and reducing cost. Continue to Main Page
Nemat Inc. is a leader in process redesign, process management, and performance improvement. Nemat, Inc. brings state of the art problem solving methods with extensive background in manufacturing and service industries. In most cases, our applications achieve a payback within four months or less. Continue to Main Page